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Spring Conditions - The World Moves Beneath Us - Gifset + commentfic - PWP for flypup =)

what i'm doing rn
Studying for the pharmacy boards (July 5 & 12)

GoT - Penny Dreadful - Everything else is on hiatus =(

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Do you think you can doodle Jenny meeting Rose?

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The Double-9 Lord (x)

   billie piper   sdoacg

Guessssss who got her license =) 


Did someone say sequel


Did someone say sequel

A scene from “Great Britain”!


National Theatre Nerds

#all i can see is him going to audition for the lead role in her new play #she’s a great young playwrite of course #and all the rest of the crowd is laughing at him for thinking he could be the hero since he’s just an old man who needs to retire from theat #but he doesn’t care and he goes up on stage anyway #and even she’s skeptical but she’s opened the role for anyone to try out #and when he starts speaking her face changes and all she can hear are the words she’s written coming out of his mouth in his northern burr #and it’s utterly enchanting and he gets the part without even a second thought - [timeladyspacepirateutteroutcast]