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just wondering, why do you think that deep breath was anti- doctorxrose?

Hi Nonny, I don’t think that at all! My meta (here) was about how I felt it was shippy. I know some disagree with me (bc of how he tosses the roses aside at the end), but all things considered, i still find that scene very shippy. Twelve is implied to have forgotten a lot (everyone’s name, for example). So to me it’s not terribly unlike HN/FoB when John Smith doodles roses and pictures of Rose (and Rose is the only person whose name he even remembers)… and then at the end of that scene all he has to say about her is “she seems to disappear after a while” and shrugs it off before lending the journal to his new girlfriend lol >.> I just think it’s very shippy how twelve sees them lying there and can’t look away from them, and even tho they don’t ring a bell to him, he can’t help but hold them closer. They didn’t need to put that in there, but they DID and I appreciate it! =)

and oh, my red, red, rosy Miss Rose—you’re gonna like it.

and oh, my red, red, rosy Miss Rose—you’re gonna like it.

AU: Bad Wolf/Winter Soldier                                                                  You shaped time and space.

Spring conditions is back from beta!! =D 

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To Be or Not To Be 11/16 


Can Rose and Martha survive both the Doctor and Jack as human? Yup, a Human Nature/Family of Blood rewrite

Chapter Eleven: Amélie is more than a little curious about Rose and John. But it’s her secrets that finally come out. (Additional notes at the end)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10

A thousand and one thanks to my beautiful beta, kilodalton for all her suggestions and thoughts. Couldn’t do it without you!

Day 32
“What are you and Martha doing today?” John asked. He continued running his hand down Rose’s spine, a light caress that made her hum in sleepy approval more than arousal. His other hand lay behind his head propping it up just enough to watch her.

He loved watching her. Awake, asleep, talking to Martha, walking along the path from the cottage to the paddock, petting Winston. It didn’t matter. He loved every second. Treasured every image. Cherished every moment.

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Touching Wild Light, Ch. 10: If I am the Sky (Pt 1) 



Rating: Adult 
Warnings: Intimacy, mind sex

Beta: Kilodalton &abadplanwellexecuted

Summary: This is the story of how the Time Lord Doctor and Rose are able to have their forever after all, even as Rose and the metacrisis Doctor live out their lives together in the other universe. The Doctor couldn’t leave well enough alone after he heard the words “Bad Wolf” spoken by his former self. And when Rose appears before his eyes as he’s regenerating, he’s sure it’s a moment that will change the course of his entire life.

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Chapter 10: If I am the Sky (Part 1)

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Rose Tyler Appreciation Week
: day two

↳  favorite episode: 4x12 The Stolen Earth


Rose Tyler Appreciation Week: Day Two

↳Favourite Episode (1/2): Rose


and the wolf was a lion