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Spring Conditions - The World Moves Beneath Us - Gifset + commentfic - PWP for flypup =)

what i'm doing rn
Studying for the pharmacy boards (July 5 & 12)

GoT - Penny Dreadful - Everything else is on hiatus =(

badwolfrise replied to your post: “greenfairy13in-the-whoniverse said: I seriously hope you’re feeling…”:
Yeah Moffat is so bitter he is trying to make Clara a Rose clone hoping she would be as popular as Rose

It’s so sad lol. It’s so sad, in fact, that it’s almost not fun anymore to mock him over it.


I reached 15k followers today :`))) and i wanted to thank you guys because you’re all amazing, special, beautiful ♥ etc. I decided to make a follow forever since i haven’t done it in a while. Also i’ll keep it pretty short.

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greenfairy13in-the-whoniverse said: I seriously hope you’re feeling well enough to sit through this :/

thexlostxgirlx said: At least if your expectations are low you won’t be too disappointed?

wintermoth said: yep yep

flypup said: Glad to see you feel better :) yeah even Ben Wheatley couldn’t keep me excited about the episode. It was quite disappointing :(

Yup. My expectations are pretty much below the water table right now, someplace close to the earth’s mantle lol. At least there was nothing MdP-shippy from what I can gather? Although I heard about the not-remembering-the-flowers-comment ((gag)). Lol it must be so frustrating for Moffat that none of his female creations can even hold a candle to Rose in terms of popularity. It must drive him absolutely CRAZY lol.

fadewithfury said: There you are! I’ve been worried. :x

I AM SORRY. Yeah I have basically been feeling completely rotten. When I’ve been home (for the short amounts of time that’s been), I’ve basically gone straight to bed >.< =(

Been offline for the better part of a week now (and will be responding to asks later, sorry about that)… god laid low by a really bad cold this week and some other stuff.

Downloading Deep Breath right now but ugh thank you dash for setting my expectations low (srsly, ripping off his own ripoff of Justin Richards’ clockwork droids and now there’s an SS Marie Antoinette? Jfc lol I am not surprised at all tho, such par for the course.)





   doctor who   LOL

Make me choose
Anonymous asked: 10's blue suit or 10’s brown suit

Make me choose

Anonymous asked: 10's blue suit or 10’s brown suit


Gwen Cooper, drawn in PS.


Gwen Cooper, drawn in PS.



RTAW - Day 02 - Favourite Episodes [2/3]:

Series one, episode eight, ‘Father’s Day.