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Fic: Him (Tentoo/Rose) 


A/N: backtracking a bit. Takes place three months after being dropped at the beach. So a couple months after the end of Being Human

Rating: Teen


He hates that look on Rose’s face. It’s a look that clearly says he wouldn’t do this.

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*hides face* I think I might have accidentally fallen in love with you

Haha!!! I have no idea why Nonny, but thank you!!! =D =D

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linnealurks replied to your post: I’m about to fork over more than $1000…

Well, you know, we can’t make higher education and professional advancement available to just anyone, now can we? We have to weed out the riff-raff (i.e., people without money).

I won’t disagree that most of my classmates come from middle class or upper middle class backgrounds, either here or in their home countries, which in my school represents about 4 different continents. For some, it’s their second doctorate,and a bunch of them already have a master’s in something (I’m the odd one out on that front). But a lot of them are now deeply in debt due to the astronomical tuition + cost of living… student loans ftl.

Some of them though… one of my fraternity brothers is a single mother who came here from Africa with 4 kids who has worked as a technician to put herself through school with no outside financial support from her shitty ex, kept her grades up, took care of her kids despite no family here, and got a residency. So it’s not impossible but very, very hard. She is seriously my hero. People ask me how *I* do it… I am so spoiled, and blessed beyond comprehension. Her? That is nothing but blood, sweat, and tears right there.

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petercapalldii replied to your post: I’m about to fork over more than $1000…

woah so if your application doesn’t work out, you have to pay another $1000, or? That’s is unreal!

I *think* the application is usually just for records, but if I don’t pass the boards then I’ve just wasted an astronomical amount in tuition and approximately 8 years of my life with nothing to show for it XD XD … that’s unlikely to happen tho fortunately @.@

scullywolf replied to your post: I’m about to fork over more than $1000…


MTE lol

sarcastic-enigma replied to your post: I’m about to fork over more than $1000…

That is a ridiculous amount of money. But good luck!!!

Yes, yes it is lol >.< And thank you!!

fadewithfury replied to your post: I’m about to fork over more than $1000…


Yep >.<

whoinwhoville replied to your post: I’m about to fork over more than $1000…

Ugh. AND congratulations!!! :D

Thannnnnnk yoooou!! Just over a month til I graduate!! I can hardly believe it!! All my family (including my kids lolol) are gonna call me “Doctor” that day (my husband in a British accent XD) I think I will have earned it!!!!

I’m about to fork over more than $1000 this weekend for the privilege of applying for a license to practice and sitting for the boards. ((head spins))

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hello! i cant seem to find entiche-avec-david-et-billie 's tumblr anymore?

Hi Nonny, I’m sorry not the best person to ask bc I didn’t know her very well, just on a very limited basis through dw-secret-santa. From what I heard through the grapevine though, she left Tumblr … I think?

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I’m left travelling on my own, cos there’s no one else…
There’s me.

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Doctor Who Rainbow


The thing about Doctor Who is that there’s Nine





And then there’s Nine