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The Week of Near Misses: Interlude #5 (12/?) 


Genre: AngstRomance
Rating: All Ages (this chapter)
Chapter Summary:  The Doctor gets in touch with Mickey first this time.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, Jon Snow. 
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Beta: Kilodalton
Pairing: Doctor/Rose

This time, it was Mickey’s mobile that buzzed first: «Address?».  He snorted.  Just like the Doctor, so bloody impatient.  

«The Birdcage, 80 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green» he shot back.  «On our way now.»

"Mickey, are you ready?  Let’s get going."  Rose grimaced as she pulled on her jacket, hating to be torn away from her work on the dimension cannon. But if Tosh was going, no new progress would be made anyway.  She pulled the door to her office closed and locked it for the night.

Public Displays of Claiming 


Pairing: Five/Rose
Rated: M (for sMut)
Summary: The Doctor treats Rose to a date, but when he starts to receive unwanted attention, Rose takes matters into her own hands. A/N: This was originally supposed to be four/rose, but the story felt awkward so I adapted it. It flows much better now :)
Thanks to kilodalton for the beta!


The Doctor sketched a quick bow over her proffered hand. “Just arrived today, madam. Rose wanted to see an opera, and I’ve been promising her one for a while.” Where was she? Surely the line couldn’t be too long….

“Ah, allow me to introduce myself then,” the woman replied. “Lady Josephine Le’Norn. I’m the owner of Hereford Shipping.”

He had no idea what that was, though the way she was looking at him it was meant to sound impressive. “Congratulations,” he finally replied.

She arched her eyebrows. “You haven’t heard of me?”

“Well, like I said, we’re brand new,” he explained. “Rose and I have been travelling for quite some time, and we came to the opera for a break.” Ah, there she was- she was trying to escape a pretty boy, and the look on her face didn’t bode well for the young man. He wondered who would be able to escape first.

Josephine smiled. “Ah yes, your sister. She’s a pretty little thing; surely she’s been married by now? The men must have flocked around her since she was young.”

“Oh, you have no idea,” he said, smiling fondly. “I had my hands full trying to keep them away from her. And she’s not my sister.”

To Live and Love in London 10/10 


The Doctor, Rose, Martha, and Jack as they try to find their way in this new family and on new adventures. Still Series 3, but with changes. Mostly Blink episode.

Second in the We Are Never Alone series; this takes place during the episode Blink but will focus on characters not the episode itself. Part one in the We Are Never Alone series was Daleks, Cannons, Manipulators, oh, my…

To be continued in Midnight in the Garden of Truths and Dares

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8
  Part 9

No bashing
Rating: Adult for explicit sex (Doctor/Rose) and for the sheer presence of Jack Harkness.

Special thanks to my beta, Kilodalton!

Chapter Ten (really long, like 5600 words long!)

“Versailles?” Martha asked as she, Jack, and Rose followed the Doctor’s detector which was going crazy.

They were also back in the same alleyway where they’d first arrived. Brilliant.

“No.” Rose’s response was short and angry and so unlike her that Martha looked at her in surprise.

“No?” she asked. “Really?” Frowning as the timey-wimey detector beeped in excitement, Martha hung back as Jack judiciously jogged to the Doctor. “I thought you loved big beautiful gardens like that. Plus…Versailles!”

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Make Me Choose | kilodalton asked: Ten’s Blue Suit or Tuxedo?



I sometimes mispronounce things and then this happens.



I sometimes mispronounce things and then this happens.

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THANK YOU I HAD TO HAHA… felt like I was in a race against the clock with that prompt. “Must! Finish! Ficlet! Before! Anti-shippers! Or! Rose-haters! See! It!” lololol =)

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Thank you!! =D I wanted to do something fluffy with that prompt, it seemed to be begging for angst but I was like NOPE lol

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Thank you so much!! =D

Fic — She Gives Up — TenToo/Rose (fluff!!) 

Super fluffy (and very quickly written) TenToo/Rose for your enjoyment

Summary: She gives up… and gives in

A/N: written for the prompt: “TenToo/Rose —She gives up on 10.5 almost right away." Because they are my OTP—-and I’m so leaping on this prompt before any NOTPers hurt my BBs


She gives up on him almost right away.

There’s nothing to be done about his insistence on staying up til the wee hours of the morning, or about his conviction that he doesn’t need as much sleep as a regular human (… but even so, every night he’ll come to bed, at least for a while, to hold her, to kiss her… and often to do a lot more than that).

There’s nothing to be done about his belief that Torchwood is dangerous, even though they helped Rose save the multiverse (… but even so, he’ll help them out on missions every time they ask, and often even when they don’t).

There’s nothing to be done about the fact that after playing toy cars with Tony for half the night he’s more likely to leave them strewn about the living room floor than even the little boy is (… but even so, he’s the first one to offer to help Jackie get Tony down for the evening when he puts up a fuss about his bedtime).

There’s nothing to be done about his obsession with finding the Pete’s World equivalent of his haircare regimen, making sure each strand is as perfectly coiffed as it was when he was a full Time Lord with access to the full array of alien grooming products on the TARDIS (… but even so, he’ll let her run her fingers through it and muss it as much as she wants, especially when they’re in bed).

She gives up on trying to hold back from wanting him, and loving him, and accepting him as the Doctor that he is (… because no matter what, he is the Doctor… he is the love of her life, and she is his).


Do you ever rewatch early episodes of a series, from before you became obsessed with it, and you’re like: This feels different now. Our relationship has changed. You’re no longer a casual fling. We’re married.