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Spring Conditions - The World Moves Beneath Us - Gifset + commentfic - PWP for flypup =)

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he’s such a dork… “twittering” really David you’re wife is like still in her 20s shouldn’t she at least tell you the proper term is “Tweeting” 

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About Spring Conditions: I really like it. I've never written feedback for it, for which I apologize, but I really do like it. My only problem with it is that you take such a long time to post, that I tend to forget what happened beforehand. Maybe that's why you're not getting a lot of feedback - because you take such a long time to post, people are just waiting until you're completely finished. But I do hope you continue! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Thanks Nonny. Yeah I absolutely will continue, there is zero question about that I promise. It is really just the feedback issue that is making me wonder if I had done something wrong. i’ve always been a bit of a slow writer, but it had never really impacted feedback before now, and the drop in feedback is so incredibly dramatic that it is really making me start to second-guess myself. I wish I could control the time between updates bc I know it’s not ideal but I’m at work (or commuting to work) 12-14 hours per day so I get very little time to write except on weekends. I’m glad you still like it, thank you.

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I LOVE Spring Conditions. I will admit, the fact that things have not been okay between John and Rose for roughly eight chapters now has made me want to figuratively claw my eyes out, but that's part of the reason why I eagerly anticipate each chapter. I appreciate that although you are very busy, you take the time to produce a quality chapter, rather than just throwing something together to appease readers. Thank you for sharing your writing!

Thank you very much Nonny—I’m really so glad that you said that and that you think that re quality, because I really really try. I’m so glad you like the story and thank you for messaging me =)

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Just popping by to express my love for Spring Conditions! Yes, it has been a long ride, yes it kill me softly waiting for updates, but in the end it's completely worth it. It's like a long road trip where you think all you want is to get to that final destination. But, as you progress through, you fall in love with every little thing along the way and end up loving the ride even more than you could ever possibly imagine, and wanting to slow down the journey just a little bit more!! xo TB :D:D

Awww that is really sweet (and super poetic) Nonny! Thank you so much and I’m really glad you feel that way about the story =)



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There like children….. 

   doctor who   lmao


Hi Nonnies (hope you don’t mind me grouping you together bc you said similar things), thank you for your feedback. Yeah I mean… you’re right about time between updates, and that’s really something that I wish I could control, but I can’t. My weekdays are so freaking hectic and I get home so late and am on the road before dawn most days. Idk, it of course makes me really sad breaks my freaking heart actually even though I know that sounds lame, I spend hours on weekendswriting instead of doing things like sleeping or spending time with my family/friends that anyone’s feeling detached, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that. When I write quickly, it turns out really really bad and I can promise you nobody wants to read that crap lol. And a complicated story like Spring Conditions just requires a lot of time bc all these little thematic nuances are tough for me. John Green and Chaim Potok I am not. Oh well. I hope you guys still like it and am glad that those of you who are still excited about it feel that way =)

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In response to your post about Spring Conditions: It's one of the few fics that I follow that I eagerly await each chapter. I think it's brilliant and you should just keep doing what you're doing. :)

Thank you for your response Nonny, I’m really glad that you enjoy it. =)

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Yes, I eagerly await every chapter of Sprint Conditions! Please please continue it!

Thank you Nonny, I’m glad you enjoy it <3 I promise there’s absolutely zero chance that I won’t continue it, it’s just been a little hard on me recently to see readers… not seeming to read it anymore lol… and not being sure what the reason is. But I’m really glad you like it!