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Spring Conditions - The World Moves Beneath Us - Gifset + commentfic - PWP for flypup =)

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DOCTOR WHO - Intruders - Outlander

The Death of Ivan Ilyich
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Prompt: Ten/Rose AU Peter Tyler is the prime minister of Great Britain. His daughter Rose often visits him at Downing Street for lunch and she is introduced to Dr. John Noble, a member of her father's cabinet.


It wasn’t really…proper…for Rose to have a crush on one of the men who worked with her father. For one thing he was a good ten years older than her. For another…well, he worked with her father.

But Rose really couldn’t help it.

"Hi Dad," she greeted Pete happily as she followed the secretary into the office. Pete looked up from his work, smiling and standing, walking around the desk and kissing his daughter’s cheek.

"Hey sweetheart. Five more minutes okay?"

Dad…” He always did this. “I’ve only got a half hour break before I have to get back to class.”

"I know. Five minutes, I promise."

Of course, Dr. Noble chose that exact moment to walk in with another report. Rose raised an eyebrow at Pete, and he sighed. “Maybe not, then.”

"I should probably just go get lunch, huh?"

Pete gave her an apologetic smile, and Rose just rolled her eyes before hugging him. “I’ll see you at home, then.”

She was just heading down the stairs when she heard a voice call, “Ms. Tyler!”

The voice sent her heart skipping. She worked very hard to look casual as Dr. Noble caught up with her. “I was actually just leaving for lunch myself, do you mind if I join you?”

Oh. “O-Of course not,” Rose stuttered, smiling. “Definitely not. Feel free to join me. Free country, right?”

Yeah that was casual. Still, Dr. Noble was quite happy as they walked to the nearby diner together, chattering away about…well, Rose wasn’t exactly sure what. She was more focused on the sound of his voice than the words he was actually saying.

"Oh, listen to me prattling on," the man finally said with a chuckle, and Rose shook herself out of her trance. "How are classes going?"

"Oh…good. Really good. Great even." Babbling. Brilliant. She was just brilliant. They sat down in a booth, placing their orders. “Yeah. Been a good semester.”

"Apparently." Dr. Noble smiled, and Rose sighed. She must have looked like such a child to him.

Just a silly, silly child.

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Happy 9/9 Day~(╭ ̄3 ̄)╭♡


Happy 9/9 Day~(╭ ̄3 ̄)╭♡


Presenting The Doctor Who Secret Santa Fanworks Exchange, hosted by kilodalton and fadewithfury =D

What is it? An anonymous fanworks exchange (fic, art, and gifs) done Secret Santa style, where you create an original fanwork for someone and receive one in return! It will cover all of Doctor Who (classic and new), including all characters, pairings, and ratings.

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BPW - Day 05 - Favourite Billie Photoshoot(s) [4/4]

Billie Piper shot by Kevin Morosky (2011)

Favorite scenes of Doctor Who 8.05 “Time Heist”
The Doctor telling “Dad jokes”… 


Actual dorks Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter

allumina answered your post: “Fic — Spring Conditions — AU Ten/Rose — Chapter 25/30(ish?)”:
SPRING CONDITIONSSSSSSSS! <3 Yes to hand holding and cooking. No to Bev being a jerk or Wilf being sick. Tricia/Jimmy 4-eva. ;)


And thank you sweetie, I’m glad you liked it haha! =D

I'd like to see your answers for that ask meme for MMFD. :)

  • character i’d like to see in a flower crown - Archie
  • character i’d like to see have an emotional breakdown - EVERYONE HAS ALREADY IN THE SHOW THO XD
  • character i’d like to see get punched in the face -
    the nameless bullies making fun of Rae in s1, or the guys making queer jokes in front of Archie
  • character most likely to sing along to journey songs in the car - Finn
  • character who refuses to pull over and ask for directions on roadtrip - Chop
  • character who always stubs their toes on the washing machine - Rae
  • character who changes their starbucks order ten times - Izzy
  • character who shows up late for everything - Liam
  • character who is the worst kisser - I have literally no idea lol
  • character who takes 45 minutes shower  - Stacey
  • character who gets most bent out of shape over the pronunciation of gif - Rae

Send me a fandom =D

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itsonlythesoaps replied to your post “I was tagged by thexlostxgirlx and androsetyler We’re gonna play a…”

Is that your favorite version of the Facts of Life theme song? I hope you had the chance to watch the FOL reunion panel from earlier this month. (Kim Fields couldn’t be there as she just had a baby, but the other girls & Charlotte attended.)

Yeah I think that’s my favorite version.. those were the first episodes I remember seeing so even tho it got a little snazzier later I still look back on that one with fondness =) How about you?