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dad-is-on-a-hunting-trip asked: rory and amy or tentoo and rose?


Rose Tyler per Episode | S01.E05 | World War Three

the-untempered-prism replied to your post: “When I saw an article entitled “Doctor Who and the Women” I was looking forward to it… until the author said River Song = Rose Tyler…. -.-”:
I’m not gonna read the article because I don’t want to be more pissed off than I already am today, but your response was brilliant!

Thank you sweetie!!

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I saw you reblogged something from me and my actual thought process went 'but that's a really awesome important blog run by quite a talented person what are they doing following me??' <3

Awwww asdfghjkl hush i’m not important haha but thank you so much =) <3

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I think you’re a hundred shades of awesome, have appropriate and thought-provoking comments/meta to share, and a pretty darn good writer.

Aww thanks Nonny!! Very happy you think so! =D

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You are super smart, your meta is amazing, you are a really talented writer (dying for an update, but no pressure!), and I'm really glad you are my friend.

Gahhh asdghjkl thank you Nonny, I’m so glad you think so!! =D

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I think you're an awesome writer and you seem like a genuinely fun and intelligent person.

Awww thanks!!! I am kind of goofy I guess haha XD =D

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Awww thank you too Nonny!!! =D =D

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You are not an asshole. At least I don't think you are and I don't know why anyone would think you are. I think you're intelligent yet silly sometimes (that's a good thing btw). From what I have seen you are nice to everyone who is nice with you, you're someone who others can count on, and you're generally a respectable person. It does sound like sugarcoat but what can I do, that's what I think. Stop being so cool and then I can say something bad (nah just kidding).

Aww thanks Nonny that’s sweet of you! <3 =)

I do try to be good to good people, both on here and irl. Bad people… that’s another story XD

Thank you!! =D

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